Submit Your Sonic Hoedown

Dance in Our New Music Video! Submit Your Sonic Hoedown

Here's what Ya'll have to do:

  1. Grab your friends (or not)
  2. Listen to the song HERE
  3. Work out a Sonic Hoedown routine no longer than 30 seconds
  4. Film Your Routine
  5. Upload Footage HERE
By uploading your footage to our website you agree to give sonicanimation the right to publish and use the submitted video for our music video, publications, promotions, advertisement, television, website, news coverage, demonstrations and/or public displays.
The footage we like will end up in the video for the song.


Other stuff to consider:
  • Quality- must be decent quality please. High resolution and not too shakey
  • Sound - Don't worry about the sound quality, we won't use that anyway
  • Dress - show us your Sonic country duds (whatever they look like)
  • Location - Be creative
  • Dancers - we want old or young, from all walks of life, traditional or visionary choreo
  • If your video is longer than 30 worries...just know we may edit it to fit
  • Have FUN! And Get Crazy!!!!