“Across any of their 6 albums, multi-instrumentalists sonicanimation explore and synergise hip hop, trance, breakbeat, dub, techno, house, funk, electro and rock. Furthermore, they do so with a lyrical and tonal palette that could flexibly stretch from the utterly ridiculous to the profoundly poetic and back again." - Matt O'Neill, The

Just when you thought you’d finally got rid of them…..Australia's most frenetic and energetic electronic duo are back! A gritty, bouncy, rap-hop n' roll force to be reckoned with once more! In early 2013 after a 6 year hiatus, sonicanimation’s new album Once More from the Bottom is ready to burrow its way into the hard drives of your mind. The singles I Will Be Twisted and Punk On The Dance Floor have thrilled old fans and intoxicated new ones. From the cover of the Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five classic The Message to the ridiculous operatic drinking song Twinsexpect a mish mash of breaks, bleeps, wub wub, guitar and dirty fat synths!

Since joining forces, sonicanimation and Canadian songstress Sexton Blake have been creating a new genre of electronic music experience building on sonic’s legendary theatrical, humorous and energetic feel. Blake has added a real twist to the band with her own high energy performance taking sonicanimation to a new level, presenting electronic songs with stupid fresh lyrics that tell a story. Its same old sonic, but it also isn’t.

Fans across Eastern Australia got reacquainted with the duo (and the legendary furry Technotubbies from their bizarre hit video and song Theophilus Thistler) during the early 2013 tour, and everyone lapped up the new sound with enthusiasm. sonicanimation were away too long, and it’s only now that they’re back that we realise how much we missed them. Whether it’s their astonishing live performances, or some of the classic beats that they’ve left for all of us to share, you need to feel what it’s like to be part of the sonicanimation experience.

Now based in BC Canada, sonicanimation have won awards for Best Live Act and Best Video at Australia’s Dance Music Awards, been nominated for two ARIA’s, released six albums including the gold selling Orchid for the Afterworld, supported The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Basement Jaxx and Fat Boy Slim.

Sonicanimation's reputation saw them play the BIG DAY OUT festival nationally five times. During sonicanimation's eleven-year stint from 1994 to 2006 the band won awards for BEST LIVE ACT and BEST VIDEO at Australia's DANCE MUSIC AWARDS, as well as being nominated for two ARIA's. They released five albums including the gold selling Orchid for the Afterworld as well as numerous EPs and 12-inch singles. They also did remixes for KYLIE MINOGUE, ICEHOUSE and SKYHOOKS.
They supported THE PRODIGY, CHEMICAL BROTHERS, THE CRYSTAL METHOD, BASEMENT JAXX, UNDERWORLD and FAT BOY SLIM. They played countless dance parties including MINISTRY OF SOUND and HARDWARE. Their fame was fuelled in part by the gigantic furry creatures (the ‘Technotubbies’, named Robert Rollie and Theophilus Thistler) that originally featured in their video for Theophilus Thistler.

In the 5 years since their last show Cartwright has been quietly turning out new tunes in his bedroom studio (while bringing up a family).  Keiller moved to Canada and began running events in his small hometown of Rossland, British Columbia. From this picturesque, small ski resort community, Keiller began recording again in mind of adding some dynamics/variation to his touring DJ career at ski resorts around the province where Australian fans follow him devotedly. Behind the scenes as tour manager for a professional theatre company ‘Iron Mountain Theatre’, Keiller continued doing remixes for Dehli to Dublin, Black Peter Group, Andrew Friendly and Bextra, to name a few.  Eventually setting up his own popular night called the Boom! Room at a local nightclub and booking DJ’s for special events locally, Keiller continues to create music that pushes the boundaries of dance music as we know it and continues to be ahead of his time.