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Merry Christmas

Here's a little gift from sonicanimation this Christmas.
Look for our new 'Hey Lady- I just wanna dance' music video coming soon. Enjoy the free download and Happy Holidays!

Submit Your Sonic Hoedown

Dance in Our New Music Video! Submit Your Sonic Hoedown

Here's what Ya'll have to do:

  1. Grab your friends (or not)
  2. Listen to the song HERE
  3. Work out a Sonic Hoedown routine no longer than 30 seconds
  4. Film Your Routine
  5. Upload Footage HERE
By uploading your footage to our website you agree to give sonicanimation the right to publish and use the submitted video for our music video, publications, promotions, advertisement, television, website, news coverage, demonstrations and/or public displays.
The footage we like will end up in the video for the song.


Other stuff to consider:
  • Quality- must be decent quality please. High resolution and not too shakey
  • Sound - Don't worry about the sound quality, we won't use that anyway
  • Dress - show us your Sonic country duds (whatever they look like)
  • Location - Be creative
  • Dancers - we want old or young, from all walks of life, traditional or visionary choreo
  • If your video is longer than 30 seconds...no worries...just know we may edit it to fit
  • Have FUN! And Get Crazy!!!!


Punk On The Dance Floor Video

Filmed over a gruelling 16 hour day for a miserly $160 at Trace Elements parkour warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, the music video for Punk On The Dance Floor was directed by sonicanimation stalwart and stunt actor Morgan Evans who has featured in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and the new Mad Max film. He is also the man behind the concept for the Theophilus Thistler and Robert Rollie ‘technotubbies’ - yes we have him to thank! Director of photograpy is Daniel Cahill (Circle Pit, Matt Glass).

Morgan also stars as the ‘punk’ in the clip and watch for the dance moves by the girl ’with the thighs’ in the orange short legged onesie. Quirky fun stuff. Are you the typical Punk On The Dance Floor?



Album Now in the Player

After months of work our new album Once More From The Bottom is finally released! Check the music player to listen to it in full.

Once More From The Bottom Tour

We are pleased to announce an East Coast tour of Australia to support the release of our new album Once More From The Bottom. Special guest is Sydney outfit Tokyo Denmark Sweden. The tour begins Thursday 21st March in Sydney. Check the SHOWS page for all the information and ticket details!

See you there!

I Will Be Twisted Music Video

We thought it would be a good idea to invite the audience members under the Big Top at last years Homebake Festival in Sydney to use their smart phones and cameras to film the performance of our song I Will Be Twisted. Then to upload the footage to us so we could edit it together into our new music video. As you can expect some of the footage was great and some looked like it was done by a complete amateur - which is was. Some was even submitted upside down, nice...!

Anyway the video is done, we are really happy with the result so thank you to everyone who submitted footage,

and here it is:


Homebake Festival Video Downloads

Howdy Homebakers,

Hope you had an excellent time at this year's festival. We had a blast! check out the photo highlights here.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO UPLOADS. There was plenty of excellent shots as well as some shakier "artistic" shots  but nonetheless, thanks for your participation. The deadline for footage has expired. Please check back for the video clip in early 2013 and see your cinematic brilliance at work.

To upload your videos of the live footage of our new single 'I will be Twisted'  you have two options.

1. Just click the drop box below. It will take you to a secure YouSendIt page that allows you to upload without becoming a member. It's super easy and super fast and works best from a desktop computer.

2. Upload direct from your phone to our Youtube Channel. 

Uploads deadline has been extended by request to Dec. 21 at which point the Youtube Channel and dropbox expire.

Looking forward to showing you what we've created with your footage.THANKS for being alive at this moment in time and doing this!!! You rule.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Theophilus Thistler 2012 Remix
IT'S ON!!! To celebrate our return to Sydney’s Homebake Festival this year we’ve put together a 2012 remix of Theophilus Thistler. Download the track for free here:

We also remade the video, check it out below